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ALOE VERA : Ideal plant for Karoo gardens

fetchimage.ashxAloe vera features in many South African gardens as an ornamental plant due to its drought resistance and interesting form, making it a useful plant for rockeries and low-maintenance landscaping.

It is known around the world for its medicinal properties, which include the ability to soothe and moisturise skin. 

Although not backed by scientific evidence, anyone who has treated burns and stings with aloe vera will confirm the healing properties of this medicinal plant.

One can also treat sunburn and wasp stings; aloe vera will help soothe and alleviate the sting.

When you need aloe vera to soothe minor irritations, simply cut off a lower leaf and rub it over the skin.

If you visit your local pharmacy or health store, you will be amazed at the amount of products that contain aloe vera extract, from moisturisers to soaps. Aloe vera may not have the backing of the scientific community, but it offers some health benefits.
Apart from its medicinal benefits, aloe vera is also enjoyed for its architectural shape and ability to thrive under the most drought-tolerant conditions.

Known for its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, aloe vera has become one of the most known alternative treatments to heal wounds such as dry skin, minor cuts and insect bites and stings.  

Apart from its medicinal benefits, aloe vera is also enjoyed for its architectural shape and ability to thrive under the most drought-tolerant conditions.

It is a hardy plant with a shallow root system that only requires well-drained soil, and grows well in large pots and containers that are placed in a sunny spot.

Cultivating aloe vera is easy as the plant sends out new shoots from its base ; these can be removed and potted up.

Aloes store water in their large fleshy leaves, allowing them to survive in low-rainfall environments.
Article courtesy of www.home-dzine.co.za.

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