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Dreaming of a new life in the country? We’re here to help you find your place in the sun… Tranquillity, security and serenity will be yours in Prince Albert, our beautiful little town at the foot of the Swartberg Pass, in the quiet green valley once named Queeckvalleij… Whether your dream is a mud house or a mansion, a plot to build your getaway or retirement home, a smallholding to grow organic veggies, a stake in the burgeoning wine and olive industry, or whether you simply want to get off the grid - we have it all - olive farms, sheep farms, houses big and small, new and old, barns, plots and smallholdings. Call us - we're already living the country life and loving it! Come with us into big sky country, the land of wide horizons, sunlit days and starlit nights .You'll never look back...........

The early days

The first local inhabitants were the San people and remains of their rock art are still to be found  as are dinosaur footprints - on several farms in the district. In 1762 the Dutch East India Company released the first loan farms to free burghers and Zacharias de Beer established Kweekvallei, putting down the foundations for Prince Albert.

The farm proved to be very fertile, and with plentiful water from fresh springs in the mountains, De Beer soon established fruit orchards, vineyards and wheat fields, and introduced sheep and cattle.

Kweekvallei soon became well known as a stop-over for travellers and explorers, weary from the long trek across the barren Karoo, delighting them with lavish hospitality and excellent fresh produce and wine.

In 1842 a Dutch Reformed Church parish was established and in 1845 the little village was officially named Prince Albert  in honour of Queen Victorias consort.

Gold was discovered in the area and in 1891 there was a brief gold-rush on the farm Spreeuwfontein. At the same time the ostrich feather market boomed in Europe and Prince Albert experienced great prosperity.

Like all the small towns of South Africas vast interior  Prince Albert has experienced economic highs and lows, dictated mainly by droughts and floods, or other disasters which regularly batter the farming community.

But unlike many others, Prince Albert has survived, and thrived. This is largely due to its generous supply of water, fertile soil, superb climate and the beauty of its dramatic mountain surroundings which provide endless opportunities for its many visitors from South Africa and abroad.

There are so many reasons to stay in Prince Albert, but for some it is enough simply to enjoy life under the sunny skies, enjoying the serenity and security of one of the Karoos most beautiful little towns.
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Directions & Maps
Prince Albert 's co-ordinates are 33o13' S 22o01'E
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Fun Facts
Our logo is based on the unique Prince Albert  gable, a variation of the original “holbol”, with vertical and horizontal moulding and a pediment with the date of construction or the owner's initials.

The use of the gable is a visual statement of our commitment to the preservation of Prince Albert’s architectural heritage.